Bring The Rural Youth Ministry Lab To Your Area!

Do you serve as part of a Denomination that has churches in Rural areas?
Are you part of a youth worker network in a Rural area?
Are you a Rural Youth Worker?
This is for you!

What if you could have a Group Learning Experience that was designed
specifically for the challenges and joys that you face as a Rural Youth Worker?
You can.

The Rural Youth Ministry Lab is a custom training session modified to
meet the needs of your group. The training is based around Brent Lacy’s book
Rural Youth Ministry:Thrive Where You’re Planted. The cost of the training includes a copy of the book for each participant as a “take-home”.

Here are a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Why Rural Youth Ministry is vital to the Church
  • Starting Steps In Rural Youth Ministry
  • Harvest the Fields: A Missional Look at Rural School Districts
  • You Are Alone Only If You Choose to Be (Networking)
  • How to Make Use of Technology in a Rural Ministry Context

We offer affordable plans to tailor the training based on the size of your group and amount of time desired. Several Lab options, such as a Worship Leader or Band,  and additional Trainers from other partner ministries are also available at an additional cost.



I would love for you to be part of this. Contact me for details.