This book is not about remodeling a physical church building. It is about renovating your congregation. This book is for churches in transition between leadership. This book is for congregations that are beginning to wake up to the realization that the neighborhood around them has quietly (or not so quietly) changed around them in the last few decades. Many churches have the belief that they can “turn the corner” on their own if they read the right book, start to have coffee in the foyer (or the sanctuary) hire the right consultant, or start the right small group/ministry program.

This book will not point you in that direction. It points you to the one Master that can truly change your congregation from the inside out. The second section in this book provides tools to give practical ideas in reaching both the community around the church and the global community with the unchanging message of the Gospel.

Changing your church is not Do-It-Yourself, it is working at the direction of the one Master Church builder!

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