Suffice it to say that if I was headed into rural youth ministry today, I would need a guidebook to help me adjust. Rural Youth Ministry would be my guidebook.

Written with a sense of urgency, humility and mission, Brent Lacy gives a crash course on navigating the trickier-than-you-might-think world of rural youth ministry. I’ve known Brent for years now through his attendance at Dare 2 Share conferences. Over those years I’ve come to appreciate his relentless focus on reaching as many rural teenagers as possible with the gospel of Jesus.

You will find this book encouraging, strategic and downright practical. If you drink it in slowly, you’ll walk away from it refreshed and ready to do rural youth ministry in a way that makes a maximum impact for the kingdom of God.

Greg Stier, City Slicker and Current President of Dare 2 Share Ministries


Brent approaches several issues regarding youth ministry in a rural community that is often either ignored or avoided. In an area of ministry that is lop-sided toward large church, city environment Brent has “thrown it down”.  Since a vast majority of youth population is in smaller communities and since the average church size is under 300 it is about time we begin to give this issue in youth ministry the attention it deserves.

Tim Ramseier, Director, Wabash Valley Youth for Christ


I recently read a great book called “Rural Youth Ministry” by Brent Lacy and it is jam packed of practical advice for those who work with students in small communities. One theme seemed to be woven throughout the book: “working together”. Whether its among your church staff, the other youth workers in town, parents, schools, or even youth workers you meet online, its amazing the lengths that we can go when we work as a team. In talking to youth pastors in smaller communities over the years, I have heard and seen the challenges are dealt with. I’ve also seen many victories as churches come together in reaching their communities. This book is a great resource from someone who has been working in the trenches of rural student ministry.

Marjorie Poff – Musings From a Mad Woman


Brent recently published a book; “Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You’re Planted” and after reviewing it I can say it’s packed with practical and much needs advice and principles for those serving in rural youth ministry. But let me go a step further and say, even if you’re not serving in rural youth ministry I recommend reading this book. Why? So as youth workers we can better understand the mission field of rural youth ministry, come alongside rural youth worker, pray for them, encourage them and help them

Brian Ford – and Dare2Share Blogger


One universal takeaway was his format for thinking about Rural Youth Ministry, which in a few simple words he describes as: Stop, Look, Listen, Learn. This advice is very pragmatic and extremely useful even if you are not in a Rural Youth Ministry Context. This being considered, I recommend this book to everyone. I was able to read this on my iPhone in about an hour and ate every page up.

Matthew Murphy – and Author of  “99 Thoughts on Caring For Your Youth Group” 


This book is a great introduction for anyone contemplating or moving to rural youth ministry. It offers useful observations on what makes rural youth ministry special and different. There are also lots of practical tips for instance in using festivals and other events as outreach.

Rachel Blom – and Author of “Beyond Small Talk

This resource is designed for Rural Ministry but every Youth Ministry can benefit from the nuggets of Truth. For Example. Brent encourages the reader to STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and LEARN. Everyone of us could benefit from these basic ideas. I would highly recommend purchasing this book for yourself and a ministry friend, volunteer or the person down at the other church. It will be worth your time.

This is a must have resource for your ministry tool box

Jon, Youth Worker in Indiana


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