Pastor. IT Professional. Writer. Speaker. Homeschool Dad.  Former Child Abuse Investigator.  Lock-in Survivor. Rural Ministry Advocate.cropped3181

These all describe the experiences and stories that are part of Brent Lacy’s time in ministry. Brent grew up on 160 acres of corn, soybeans and cattle in Southern Illinois.

Brent has worked in the IT sector since 1997, gaining a COMPTia A+ certification in 1998. He currently works full-time in IT as A Customer Success Engineer.

He often works in small business support, the public sector, and contracts to large corporate deployment teams in various parts of the Midwest, in addition to speaking engagements and ministry.

Brent has contributed to the resources at Group Magazine,  CalledtoYouthMinistry.comMinistryPlace.Net, and

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